Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 4-20-21

Today’s Tarot of Bones daily draw is the Happy Squirrel, reversed. Your confirmation bias is showing! You’re trying too hard to make patterns where there are none, and assuming everything has some super-important spiritual message for you. Instead of placing yourself at the center of the universe, just accept that you are a tiny part of a monumentally enormous, complex system full of galaxies that you will never lay eyes upon, but which are no less important than you are. Instead, allow the other beings in the world to be themselves without trying to force some meaning on them; let the squirrel just be a small, furry mammal going about its business regardless of what you think of it. Appreciate them on their own merit, instead of whatever meaning you can squeeze out of them to try to make yourself feel better about your place in the world. The more you can allow the other beings to be themselves, the more you can see yourself as a diverse community of independent living beings, each with their own amazing story. (You’re included in that, of course.)

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