Beltane Skull Scrying – 5-6-21

Today’s (slightly belated) Beltane Skull Scrying comes from Ring-necked Pheasant. Here is what he had to say:

“The grass is green and lush with spring rains; flowers are in full bloom, and bees, wasps and butterflies visit their nectar wells. The sun shines overhead in a sky punctuated by seasonal rains. Warmth brings everyone out of their dens and nests and burrows to enjoy the turning of the year.

Yet where is the reciprocity? How do we show our gratitude for the beauties that our world affords us? To many, this good green earth is nothing more than a pile of resources to be gathered, exploited, and sold to the highest bidder. it is a backdrop to human dramas, nothing more. And in their wake there is left naught but piles of slag and debris, poisons in the water and the air. Even those who tread lightly can not help but step on the harmless and the harmed.

Your world, humans, is reawakening from its own nightmare, though the dream be not finished yet. As your gaze begins to stretch back beyond the immediacy of pandemic and fear, trying to come back to some normalcy, will you remember that there are others who are in greater need? Will you remember the angry chainsaws and the machines that tear down forests and fields? Will you continue in your myopic, self-centered view, or will you take this opportunity to choose a world that is here for all, not just for you?

Let me be clear: my children have ranged farther than they would have without your interference; they find themselves in pastures and fields far from home, and have made themselves comfortable there. And yet this displacement is a symptom of a larger problem, the arrogance of would-be engineers of the world who dig around in delicate systems they do not understand, and leave chaos behind.

So as the sun shines more brightly upon what you have wrought, and your energy surges like the sap within awakening trees, I ask you: what will you do with it? What will you create in this world? How will you work to heal what has been done, not only to the wild creatures of the world, but the most vulnerable of your own kind? How shall you hold accountable those who are most responsible for the pollution, the destruction, the absolute indifference to the plight of the victims? You alone are not enough of a force to change the tide, but you may be the ripple that begins a flood.”

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