Summer Solstice Skull Scrying

Today’s (slightly belated) Summer Solstice Skull Scrying comes from Black bear. Here is what she had to say:

“The sun rides high in the sky, and the heat brings out the sharpness in the scents around me. I can smell the water evaporating from morning mist, and I lick my chops. I have been well awake for some time now, first through the time of earthy roots, and then into the time of salmonberries, and now an abundance of grubs to be found in rotted logs. Flowers begin to turn to fruit, with the sun warming the slowly ripening skins.

Life is at its zenith, and all seems well. But the plants know that this is the beginning of the end. The frenzied growth they have experienced since spring’s beginning will be replaced by a gradual senescence as the sun begins its trip back south. Now is our glorious hurrah, and yet these green beings lead the vanguard toward sleep.

Where are you, humans, in your time? Have you already ascended the peak, and are you now beginning the descent? The ever-harsher heat you have brought upon us all says that there is trouble ahead, as there is trouble now. And, moreover, will you be able to survive the times ahead when food and water are scarce, and sickness plagues the land more than ever?

You have such power, humanity, more than any species has ever dreamed of. Yet it has been squandered on selfishness and destruction. As your awareness of this grows, what shall you do with the knowledge you are only now realizing? Life hangs on the precipice, and it could fall either way. To which end will you throw your weight?”

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