Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 7-1-21

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth is on the border between Fall and Winter. You’re hesitant, because you don’t know if it’s time to take a break or not. Should you keep trying to milk a situation for anything else that can be gained, or is it time to stop? You worry you may be missing out on valuable opportunities if you stop now, but you also run the risk of wasting your time for dwindling returns.

Vertebra: Just about to start the move from Spring to Summer, this bone suggests that you’re on the cusp of growth, and that may be feeding your worries above. But until you’ve actually seen that shift happen, where you know that what you’ve been doing is paying off, you can’t say for sure whether it’s worth it or not. However, you’re stuck in the sunk cost fallacy: you’ve put so much effort into this endeavor at this point that you’re afraid to cut your losses, especially because you can still rationalize reasons to hang on just a little longer.

Rib: This bone is settled into Winter. You’re tired and burned out, and what you really want is to just stop and rest. But you’re having trouble letting yourself do that because of all those worries, and the fear of missing out. You have to decide whether your emotional health can handle continuing the way that you have been. Will it be worth the strain if there’s a payoff? What if things end up not working out after all? This is the tough decision you have to make.

Long Bone: The Long Bone is almost entirely in Spring, with just the last little bit left in Winter. You’ve been spinning your wheels a while, and while things look like they have promise, you aren’t seeing fruition yet. At least you know the territory, and what you’re in for. Your actions aren’t going to see much change unless they start bringing you results, and right now it looks like you’re just going to keep doing the same old, same old for a while yet.

Overview: You’re feeling stuck in a rut. Your motivation is waning as you wonder whether you’re wasting your time. yet there’s something that motivates you to keep going even through the malaise. What is it? You need to figure out whether there’s any substance to it, or if you’re just chasing a pipe dream.

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