Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 11-10-21

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: Everyone’s all clustered in one place today, and the Tooth is no exception. Sitting squarely in Summer, its tip is overlaying the Rib. This suggests that you’re making decisions that keep your emotions in check–which is not necessarily a bad thing. You aren’t completely squashing them, just tethering the, to your more rational thought to keep them from running away from you. Just make sure that you allow yourself to express those emotions; let your words be in conjunction with your heart.

Vertebra: On the cusp of Spring and Summer, this bone symbolizes a transitional point in your everyday life. You’ve been through something tough, where you’ve had to really keep yourself in check to not over-commit your resources. Now you have the opportunity to rebuild and grow; you’re a long way from fruition, but that’s okay. being at the start means that you have a lot of possibilities because you haven’t committed fully to one path just yet. Explore and expand, and see what seems to hold the most promise.

Rib: Tied to the Tooth in Summer, the Rib says that it’s okay to feel and express your emotions; just think before you act on them. It can be all too easy to let them get away from us, not because they’re necessarily bad, but simply because they’re compelling. If you can find a good way to constructively channel those feelings, you’ll be better off overall.

Long Bone: This bone leads the way toward Fall, though it is still situated within Summer. Your may be acting before you’ve had time to really consider what it is you’re doing. You are headed in the right direction, but you need to slow down a bit and figure out whether this is what you really want to be doing, and whether you’re making all the right choices for your future.

Overview: At first glance it seems that you have all your ducks in a row–or bones, anyway. Yet a closer look at how they’re configured reveals some potential imbalances. Make sure that you aren’t so gung-ho about everything that you miss important warning signs, or skip over necessary steps. And be sure that you give yourself time to really make the best choices possible, lest your decisions end up running away with you in a direction you hadn’t intended.

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