Huzzah for the Three of Wands!

threewandsHere’s another card that’s near and dear to my heart–the Three of Wands. When it pops up in my readings it often signifies a time of travel and adventure, or even mental expansions of awareness. In any case, it says I’ll be going places so I should have my bags packed.

I used a trio of coyote ulnas for this piece; coyotes do tend to range far and wide, particularly in areas where food is a bit scarce, and they’re highly adaptable creatures. The leg bones definitely get them moving! The map was a last-chance thrift store find; rather than paper, it’s made of a thin, brittle plastic that had seen better days, and the edges had already cracked significantly. There weren’t very many large, undamaged pieces left, but I managed to cut out this topographically interesting section. I did back it with heavy cardboard for extra strength.

And here’s the obligatory plug for the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo, which is now 144% funded at $7,215 (thank you!!!)


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