Judgment Wants To Play Fetch With You


I completed Judgment today–and what a cutie she is! I got this pretty little domestic dog skull (probably a pit mix) from Steve Dean of Frozen Critters to represent the second-to-last card in the Major Arcana. Why a dog, though?

Well, whereas Justice is the moment you realize you screwed up on something (and you might get eaten by the crocodile as a result), Judgment is where you get the chance to make it right. It’s a card of leaving behind a soiled past full of mistakes and resolving to be a better person going forward. It’s full of self-forgiveness and untangling hard feelings all around. Ideally, you’ve taken responsibility for your actions and it’s time to lay them to rest.

And who is still waiting for you no matter how much you mess up? Why, your friendly neighborhood dog! And here she is, waiting for you in a flowered field, with her favorite rope toy in her jaws. sure, she’ll still nip you if you play too roughly with her, but mostly she’s just been eagerly awaiting your return home. It’s up to you whether you accept her forgiveness and go out into the field to play, or let yourself be weighed down by your worries about your past.

I do have to admit I really loved making this card; its energy is quite positive. And it’s another card full of earth tones, my favorite palette. Plus, y’know, *moss*.

In other news, the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign is almost 150% funded! It’s at $7385 as of this writing. If you haven’t backed it yet but want to, now’s a great time–there are only 18 Slightly Later Bird Combos left. (There are plenty of other perk packages to choose from, of course.) And word of mouth is still important; please pass the link on to anyone you feel may be interested in supporting the Tarot of Bones!

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