The Five of Cups–and a Happier Note!


Hi, all–hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I wanted to share my newest assemblage with you: the Five of Cups! This is not the happiest card ever; it tends to signify sadness, regret and other unhappy things. Even when reversed, it can be a symbol of recovery, but often an uphill one with lots of challenges. Not the nicest card in the deck, but it’s a reminder that we all have moments of loss and pain, and perhaps we can take some solace from that.

On a happier note, the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign is at $6,770! That means that we’re at 135% funding–and we’re just $230 from the first stretch goal, which will mean I get to include a Happy Squirrel card in the final deck, and I’ll announce the next stretch goal. Want to contribute, or share the campaign with someone else? Here’s the link, and thank you!

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