The Knight of Wands–and $6,000!


Here’s assemblage 23 (heh) for the Tarot of Bones–the Knight of Wands! Domestic turkey bones and feathers stand in for their wild cousins, but they make a fancy appearance nonetheless. I chose the American turkey as the emblem of this card because the males, like so many other male animals, will proudly strut their stuff and put forth a lot of effort just to win the attention of the females in the group. In the same way, the Knight of Wands is a flashy, showy character with a lot of drive to get what he wants.

Unfortunately, that drive and single-mindedness can sometimes be the downfall of the Knight–and the turkey. All that pomp can be distracting for the one putting it on, and the showy one may be so determined in his task that he may make other mistakes. In the case of the Knight of Wands it may be sloppy performance at work or other goals. For the turkey, it could mean not noticing the hunter off in the bushes.

Like this assemblage piece? Want to see it and the rest become a usable tarot set? If you haven’t backed the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign already, now’s a great opportunity! We just reached $6,000 yesterday–that means it’s 120% funded! But there’s still 35 days to go, and you still have lots of nifty perk packages to choose from. All that funding helps me make sure the Tarot of Bones comes out on time.

So head over here to back the campaign, and tell anyone you know who may be interested in supporting this project!

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