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Happy Friday, everyone! As you can see, we are 92% funded ($4614 as of this update!) at the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign!

Between people getting their paychecks today, tax refunds coming in, and the Tarot of Bones party in Portland tonight, it’s pretty likely we’ll be fully funded by the end of the day.

Which means we’re about to head into the wild territory of stretch goals! To be very honest, I never thought I’d have to actually implement them. $5,000 feels like a lot of money to raise at the beginning of your very first crowdfunding campaign, and I wouldn’t have imagined we’d blast past that initial goal in less than a week. But here we are, with 40 days still left in the campaign.

$5,000 may seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind that over half of it is already earmarked for the materials I need to complete the rest of the assemblage pieces for the Tarot of Bones. Everything else I raise needs to be carefully balanced between printing, shipping and other costs directly related to the deck and book, and fulfilling your perks like leather pouches, prints, and copies of my other books. (Again, this is why this is one of multiple funding sources for this project, not the sole source.)

Any perks I add for stretch goals need to keep these existing costs in mind. That being said, I still want to celebrate the amazing success of this campaign! I already have a few ideas for incentives for hitting stretch goals (Happy Squirrel card, anyone?), and I’d love to hear your ideas, too! So–whaddya want?

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