Seven of Swords–and Ten Days Left!


More Swords today–this time the Seven, a card of betrayal and lies and sneakiness all around. The curled muskrat teeth make the “slipping away” imagery easier to portray (I’ve mentioned before it’s tough to anthropomorphize bones sometimes!) Plus there’s that gnawing action–chewing away at trust and honesty, nibbling around the edges of what one thought was true. Not all swords are stick-straight, after all.

Also, we are just TEN DAYS away from completing the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign! And at $8,365, there’s just $635 to go before we meet the next stretch goal of $9,000, where I’ll do an exclusive online class on how to use the Tarot of Bones once backers have the deck and book in hand. Here’s the link–go check out the awesome perks that are available!

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