The 44th Assemblage: Page of Pentacles


Just a quick note as I have an art show this upcoming weekend and I’m busy with prepwork–here’s the Page of Pentacles, featuring a weasel skull and vertebra! I chose this critter since the card’s symbolism is about bounding into new opportunities and having the energy to chase one’s goals. Weasels are active little creatures, seemingly overflowing with more energy than their small, lithe bodies can seemingly contain, and the Page of Pentacles has tons of enthusiasm for his goals. So the imagery of a weasel focused on the hunt–often chasing prey larger than it is–is what came to mind when I was meditating on this card.

Reversed, it can signify any of a number of obstacles keeping you from your desires. Your efforts may not be paying off enough, or you just might not be putting in enough time or resources. You may also have chosen a path that simply doesn’t fit you.

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