Starting July With the Six of Wands


It’s a new month, and here’s the first assemblage for July, the Six of Wands! This is a great card for any artist or other creative sort–it signifies that people are noticing and enjoying your work, and you’re riding high on that success and renown. Be careful if it reverses, though–you could be headed for burnout, or a fall from grace. Therefore it’s a card that needs to be carefully balanced, as do your efforts.

This is the 45th assemblage I’ve completed, and I have the 46th just about done on my workbench; I should unveil it tomorrow. I don’t have quite as much of a lead on my schedule as I did a few weeks ago, but I’m still ahead of schedule. The year’s halfway over, and I was halfway done with the assemblages back at #39. I intend to keep powering my way forward, so look for more art as the month progresses.

On a different note, please keep in mind that every hour I put toward these assemblages is time I can’t spend on efforts to pay my bills now; all that IndieGoGo money is earmarked for Tarot of Bones expenses. If you’d like to help me keep a roof over my head and provide for my household today, consider becoming my Patron on Patreon, or purchasing my books on nature paganism and my hide and bone artwork. And while I won’t be offering Tarot of Bones readings til next year when the deck is out, I do offer totem readings with the Animal-Wise deck right now! Many thanks for all your support!

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    Every new addition just makes me more excited for the final product.

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