The Queen of Wands Sets Upon Her Throne!



Behold the fiery Queen of Wands! This card is full of boundless creative energy and passion, and fertility of both mind and body. I chose the bobcat for her emblem because of the feline symbolism often associated with this card, and the great amount of strength, speed and power the bobcat has in spite of her smaller size. The fibula bone adds sturdiness to the bobcat’s hind leg as she leaps up cliffs or chases after prey. A strip of bobcat fur down the center symbolizes the warmth she retains throughout the year.

On a different topic, I keep getting people thinking these are temporary assemblages that I’m just photographing and then pulling apart so I can reuse the components. I want to make it clear these are permanent assemblage pieces; part of why this is such an expensive project is because I have to buy the components for each assemblage. The photographs I take are generally quick snapshots just to show off the completed piece. Once I have the assemblages all complete I’ll be taking better photographs of them for the final card art.

This does mean that yes, the assemblages will be available for purchase once the Tarot of Bones deck and book are released next year! So if there’s one that really catches your eye, make note of it. Perhaps you’ll get to make it a part of your art collection!


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