May You Enjoy Financial Independence With the Nine of Pentacles!

ninepentaclesIt’s Independence Day, and unlike most folks I’m still hard at work (mainly because I have the apartment to myself this weekend and it makes it easier to get things done around here). I finished up the Nine of Cups last night, and wanted to share it with those of you still paying attention to the internet. It’s a great card, symbolism-wise, because it means you have all your ducks in a row, financial and otherwise. You’re not quite at the point of complete contentment, but you’re most of the way there. Beware of reversal, though–your stability could start falling apart, or you could get blindsided by chaos and disorganization. So make sure you’re prepared for whatever may happen.

This was a fun card to create! I picked up this frame from a thrift store, and since I was using corrugated cardboard for the backing, I decided to play with the texture some. So I pulled out my box of crayons (many of which are older than I am) and had at the backing with some earthtones. A single deer rib is topped by eight snake ribs in a neat arch.

I have another assemblage in partial completion on my workbench; look for it around Monday!


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