Tarot of Bones Book Update!

So I am currently on the Oregon coast taking a solo writing retreat for a couple of days in a little cottage overlooking the ocean. (Yes, it really is as awesome as it sounds, and much-needed–I haven’t had time off since June!) I am pleased to say that, other than the entries for the card assemblages I haven’t yet completed yet and adding a few more resources to the bibliography, the manuscript for the Tarot of Bones companion book is done! I fleshed out the introductory material a bit more, and finished creating a few sample spreads. There’s also a section dedicated to ideas for further exploration with the deck beyond divination. All in all, while the majority of the book is dedicated to entries on each of the cards, I’ve tried to add some supporting material that isn’t just a rehash of “here’s how you read a card”.

I still have plenty of work ahead of me, though. I’m still writing the entries for each card as I complete the assemblage, but with over a dozen to go there’s typing to be done yet. And then we start the editing process, which is its own special set of challenges, and then laying the manuscript out so CreateSpace recognizes it as a book–oh, and did I mention I’m designing the cover, too?  And that’s also not including all the work that’s left with the deck itself–finishing the last assemblages, taking final photographs of all of them, cropping and image editing and layout, uploading to the printer and waiting for proofs…

…have I mentioned there’s a special flavor of workaholicism that prompts a person to undergo this sort of project?

I have no doubt the final (tear-and-blood-stained) product will be awesome. In the meantime? It’s going to be a busy winter…

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