Coming Soon: The Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo Campaign Returns!

Alright folks–here’s the news about the Tarot of Bones I mentioned in yesterday’s update:

A week from tomorrow, on March 1, 2016, I will be starting a second IndieGoGo campaign for the Tarot of Bones! 

Why a second campaign? I had a LOT of people tell me they either missed out on last year’s campaign, or that they didn’t have the money for it at the time. This gives people a second chance to get the deck and book set at a reduced rate (though not as low as in the first campaign).

Also, while the first campaign was wildly successful and raised plenty of money for the assemblage materials and other related costs like hiring a professional editor for the book manuscript, buying perks for campaign backers, and packing materials for when the deck and book are out later this year, what’s still left isn’t enough to cover all the substantial printing costs, or the shipping costs (especially as international rates went WAY up this year and I have a lot of non-US backers). So while this campaign isn’t my only form of income for this project, it will help a great deal in making sure I can cover all the costs an get the deck and book out on time.

If I backed the first campaign can I back the second? Yes, AND you don’t have to necessarily get a second deck and book set, either. I’ll be arranging the perks so that there are standalone goodies as well as packages with the deck and book included.

Can I get more than one perk/package? Yes, but you’ll have to make separate contributions. Also, be aware that since my last campaign, IndiegoGo has added in an option to add shipping costs to packages, so the prices you see will be for the items themselves; shipping will be added during the checkout process.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, I am outsourcing the photography for this project, so that may delay the release a bit; however, my goal is to still have the deck and book out this summer (keeping in mind summer goes well into September). As always, keep your eyes peeled here for updates, check out my production schedule on the website, and you can always direct questions and comments to lupa.greenwolf(at)

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