The Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign is LIVE!!!!!!

Great news, everyone! The Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign is LIVE!!!!!! You’ve got 60 days to back the campaign and get all sorts of cool perks–prints, a Tarot of Bones reading, jewelry made from bones left over from the assemblages, and of course the Tarot of Bones deck and book when they come out later this year.

Why a second campaign? Well, I had a LOT of people miss out on the first one last year, either because they didn’t have the funding to chip in or they didn’t hear about it until it was already over. This is a chance for them to back the project and help bring it to fruition. And although last year’s campaign was incredibly successful, covering the materials for the assemblages and other associated costs, this campaign will help with the substantial costs of printing and shipping the deck and books once the design work is all completed.  It’s not my only source of funding, but every contribution helps!

Here are a few very important things to keep in mind:

–Since last year, IndieGoGo has implemented the ability to add shipping charges to physical perks that will be mailed to contributors. This means that, unlike the 2015 campaign, shipping is NOT included in the contribution amounts on the campaign page–they’ll be added during the checkout process. I apologize in advance to non-U.S. backers for the higher shipping costs: earlier this year the post office raised international postage rates significantly higher than they were before.

–Some of the new perks, like bone jewelry and readings, are offered on their own, as well as in packages with the Tarot of Bones deck and book. This is so that backers of the 2015 campaign can get in on them if they so choose, without having to get a second deck and book. Please read all perk descriptions carefully before making your contribution! You CAN get more than one perk package, but you will need to make one individual contribution per perk package (and yes, that means going through the entire process each time–thank you for your patience!)

–Can’t contribute right now? That’s okay! You can still help by spreading the link around; here’s a convenient shortened link:

Many, many thanks for your generosity and help, both last year and now! Let’s make this happen!

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