A REALLY Important Note for IndieGoGo Backers!

iggHey, all! A REALLY, REALLY important thing to keep in mind when you’re contributing to my IndieGoGo campaign for the Tarot of Bones at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tarot-of-bones-2016-campaign/x/9997962#
If you click on the “Contribute Now” button on the main page of the campaign INSTEAD OF clicking on the perk you want further down the page on the right-hand side, you will need to manually select a perk on the next page where it asks you for payment information! This is very important for two reasons:
1. When I get the spreadsheet of who donated what at the end of the campaign, if you did not select a perk no perks will show up on your record.
2. The perk amounts on the campaign page do NOT include shipping; shipping costs are added during the checkout process.
If you made a contribution already (thank you!) and did not select a perk, give me a yell at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com and we can get things sorted out.

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