WOW!!!! Check this out! In just a week y’all have contributed over $1700 to the Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign–THANK YOU!

Just as a reminder this campaign runs through the end of April and will help defray printing costs for the Tarot of Bones deck and book set. In addition to preordering the deck and book, which I intend to release later this summer, you can also get neat perks like prints, leather tarot pouches, original assemblages from the Tarot of Bones, and more.

Also, just as a heads-up the prices on the perk packages do NOT include shipping; that will be added on during the checkout process via IndieGoGo. This is a newer feature they’re using, so please don’t be surprised.

And finally, please do share this campaign around–every bit of promotion helps me get a little closer to bringing this huge project to fruition! (P.S. You can check out my production schedule for the project here.)

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