Quick Update on Card Layout


Hi, folks! So the next step in the Tarot of Bones is getting the cards all laid out in GIMP 2.0 (since I don’t have Photoshop and am used to GIMP’s layout) so I can then send the files to the printer. I have the template from the printer ready; however, the tech person I talked to there recommended 450 – 600 dpi files for better print quality. Sandra, my awesome photographer, has sent me some gorgeous 300 dpi pics (one of which, the Moon, you can see above.)

So she’ll be sending me higher dpi versions of the files. Once I have them I can get going on layout. I am going to be SUPER busy from now til the middle of September; I have a few big vending events that I need to make artwork for, and since I’m not using money from the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaigns for living expenses I need to put getting rent and bills paid first. However, I will be putting a bit of time toward layout for the next month, and then once I get through these few events I should be able to really buckle down and get going on that. I want to have the card files to the printer in October.

I apologize for the delay. When I first laid out my production schedule I had planned to do the photography myself, but working with Sandra has definitely produced much better photos than I would have done myself. The big challenge, of course, is that she’s up in Seattle while I’m down in Portland and Long Beach (WA, not CA) along with all the artwork, so there’s a bit more logistical stuff involved in making sure the photos are all good. Still, she’s been awesome at working on all this, and I’ll get the layout done as quickly as I can. I’ve updated the production schedule with my best estimates for when things will happen, but I’ll keep you all posted as changes occur.

In the meantime, check out Sandra’s photography site–she’s got some fabulous work there! And if you’d like to bring home a bit of my artwork or writing prior to the Tarot of Bones happening (and help me keep the lights on while I work on layout), head on over to my primary website.

And again, thank you all for your patience. This is definitely the biggest project I’ve ever taken on, and while I knew delays would be inevitable, I’m trying really hard to keep it on course as much as possible. Your ongoing support is seriously appreciated.

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