Taking the Next Step: Card Layout!

So I’m really excited–I finally got to do the thing that I’ve been waiting WEEKS to have the time to do: lay out the first card and send the file off to the printer to be sure that I got all the technical details correct. This may not sound like an especially complicated task, but keep in mind I use GIMP 2.0 rather than Photoshop, and I’ve primarily used it for photo edits and simple layout for things like flyers and online promo images. So what may be a simple task for a professional graphics designer is a bit more challenging for me.

However! If it turns out that I did indeed get the layout done right, then I am prepared to make tracks on laying out the rest of the cards. I’m super-excited to be making this next step, and I’ll let you know as I get cards completed so you can keep track of my progress.

I AM going to be keeping the final card designs a secret until the deck is out. Why? One, in case I need to make last minute tweaks to designs, and two, because I want it to be a surprise! I WILL say that the cards will be fairly simple in their designs and there won’t be a white or other border, so that the art is the main focus. The rest you’ll just have to wait for.

And thank you all again for your patience and support as I keep on moving this giant project along!

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