….And Files Are Sent!

I just got done sending the files to the printer!!! Woohoo!!!! This includes all 79 cards (Happy Squirrel included), card back and tuck box!

So now I wait for them to approve the files and do digital proofing. They said “8-12 weeks after digital proofing” for me to have the cards in my hot little hands. I asked whether they think I could have them by PantheaCon, since that’s the first big pagan event I’ll be at after I estimated the cards’ arrival, so I’ll see what they think of that deadline. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

I’m also going to ask for a physical proof once they’ve done the digital proof–can’t be too careful! So worse comes to worst, I’ll at least have the proof to show off, with the real deal not too far behind.

So now….I wait. And also design the final book cover. And update the images in the interior of the book with pictures of the actual cards instead of placeholders. And get the prints for IndieGoGo perks off to the printers. And finish making the leather pouches also reserved as perks. And other perks. Perks. Did I mention perks? Oh, and somewhere in all that I’ll be launching preorders (note: preordered decks/books will be shipped AFTER I get all the IndieGoGo packages shipped out.)

Still, I’ve been waiting for this day for many months, and it’s THIS MUCH CLOSER to being real!!!!

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