Mini-Update – Proofs!

Just a real quick update–the printer was REALLY fast and sent the digital proofs to me on Thursday. I looked them over–they’re lovely, but I requested a physical proof as well, just to be completely sure I’m happy with the cards. I should have that in early November, and once I’ve approved everything they can get going on printing the final decks!

Yes, I will post a few pics of the physical proofs (assuming they don’t look absolutely terrible, which I highly doubt will happen.) And once I’ve approved the physical proofs I’m going to open up general preorders for the deck and book. Those preorders will ship AFTER the 300+ IndieGoGo orders have shipped out, but I’m planning to kidnap friends to help me with packing and shipping orders so we should be able to get that done pretty quickly.

Anyway, will keep ya posted as things continue!

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