Mid-March Check-in–and ADDRESSES!

Hiya, folks!

So I just got done with MythicWorlds, one of my bigger events for the year–that’s one Big Project out of the way. I’m at the coast today, Portland tomorrow just for the day so I can run this month’s edition of Still Death, and then back coastward so I can get some studio time. I still have other big projects on my plate–finishing my Master Naturalist course, cowriting an ecotherapy curriculum, and OMG TAXES, but I’ll also continue my efforts toward getting Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo packages out the door.

By the way, I’ve already had a few packages returned to me with addresses that were no longer up to date. I’ll be contacting those of you who were affected later this week. In the meantime, can my IndieGoGo backers pretty please (with cherries on top!) make sure your address is up to date? It means you’ll get your package more quickly 🙂 This link explains how to update your address in your IndieGoGo account.

Alright, folks, back to work here–happy Spring (or Fall) Equinox to all of you!

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