Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 5-10-17

Today’s Tarot of Bones daily draw is Temperance, reversed. This is a strong indication that you’re out of balance with the rest of your environment. Look at your actions today and see what their longer-reaching impacts are. Are you doing something that’s contributing to conflict with others? Are you making your home, workplace or other common places less pleasant to be in? You do not exist in a vacuum, and like the two pools in this card, if one becomes contaminated the other could, too, so be aware that any negativity or unpleasantness can radiate further out into your life. But–you are able to control yourself, if not other factors, so there’s your starting point. Get to the root of what’s making you unhappy or irritable, and start turning it around. Otherwise you may make an already bad situation worse, simply by your response to it.

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4 thoughts on “Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 5-10-17

  1. Eve says:

    I love the deeper levels you show in these cards. what a beautiful temperance card. what do the two upper sections represent. the day sky with sun surrounded by a misty circle and the night sky with river of stars flowing at a straight angle?

    • lupa says:

      Thankyou! it represents the balance of day and night. I chose a replica burrowing owl skull because these birds are active at both day and night.

      • Eve says:

        what a wonderful metaphor for this card. I love your use of bones in this way. Your beautiful deck is on my wish list and moving towards the top with each card I see.

        • lupa says:

          Many thanks! I’m really happy with that one in particular.

          And I have plenty of decks left, so order at your convenience.

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