Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 2-1-18

Today’s Tarot of Bones daily draw is the Five of Pentacles, reversed. It’s been a tough time, but help is on the way! Just be open to accepting that help when it arrives. You’ve been so closed off and guarded lately that you may misinterpret that help as a threat. Keep yourself open, though, and you may get exactly what you needed most.

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2 thoughts on “Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 2-1-18

  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you Lupa, for the cogent interpretation of this card reversed.

    Somewhere in some life or in some timeline I am sure I took some type of vow of poverty. I have come to believe I create most if not all of my reality and there must be a collective-agreement also. Unless quantum mechanics…that opens up other questions for me completely.

    It seems I allow myself only enough resources to barely survive materially. There is a number I seem to think I deserve to not go beyond and it is much below the poverty level. That is, indeed what manifests in the three-dimensional space I occupy.

    Also I tend to give away my possessions—especially the most precious ones—because I think they might help another being as much as they’ve helped and healed me. This past Christmas I didn’t have enough money to purchase gifts for everyone in my family. Actually, come to think of it, my baby-boomer-aged parents were the only ones (as head of the family) who generously gave everyone a gift. But I panicked and looked at the crystal beings/companions in my life painfully but hoping they would be okay and loved and appreciated—they were the only “possession” that I could think of meaningful enough to give to sisters, nieces, nephews, parents, and my lovely adult children. So I meditated momentarily and chose one or two amazing crystal beings to give each person. I’m ashamed to say it was very painful to part with them. It’s been many years of collecting and one them took me three years to pay off at a local lovely crystal/metaphysical store. There was not one worth less than $200. My children were very touched—I think also relieved because one of them draws a lot of attention and I’ve had people ask me for it and I have a hard time saying no. So the ones that went with my children I feel really great about because they can do their magic and be in the family still. And they’re appreciated.

    But the thing that made me feel a pit in my stomach was that everyone else barely seemed to care. Two didn’t completely look at them and barely acknowledged. I also gave everyone a crystal reference book. Either “Book of Stones” or Judy Hall’s book. Now I don’t have one and can’t afford one. The main part was that one of my sisters asked me what else she could have of mine.

    It just feels like I made a stupid mistake based on feelings of lack—giving away my most prized “possessions.”

    Literally everything I own fits in 1/2 of a Honda Civic and I have a lovely canine companion in my life—and I know how to paint and draw a little. My husband passed away in 2014 and I’m just kind of learning how to live as an adult by myself. Tarot and Marc Chagall via Pinterest and Ellen Lorenzi-Prince are what inspired me to take classes to learn to draw and paint at 45, in 2015.

    I’m diagnosed severely disabled in such a way that limits my ability to work in the way I learned as a young person—so my life is a little up in the air right now and I’m trying to find where I fit in at almost 48 with cardiac and mental health fragility—yet able to paint and draw(!)

    This particular card coming up reversed got my attention after the experience I manifested on Christmas. Re-reading my post I can see I am feeling sorry for myself and have some lessons wrt that. I was thinking of how to allow myself to manifest abundance (because then I could help others! But would I just go about my same pattern and over give?) or possibly dropping out of the Christmas picture as I am feeling more and more removed from the commercialization of the whole thing anyway. If there’s a way to allow myself more than $590 a month to live on I think it would be better—but how would I handle it? I think I must fear it. Then the question comes in—my disabilities are quite limiting. Some days every hour I need to lie down for 15-20 minutes. My heart and lungs are just not always cooperating with my spirit. And then there comes the manic/depressive episodes. I am looking for a novel solution to this. I do all the recommended western medicine stuff and I do stay as positive and busy as my body will allow. If there’s a magical or spiritual solution or approach I am looking for it. It’s just kind of a 5 of Disks situation sometimes I feel stuck there.

    I don’t expect answers I didn’t expect to write all this—but this card is packed with meaning for me and I hope to unravel it someday.

    • lupa says:

      There’s a lot to unpack here, but I think it really does boil down to mindset, and allowing yourself to receive as well as you have given. It won’t be an instant quick fix, but I think it may allow you to be more perceptive of resources to help you that you may have dismissed earlier because you perhaps weren’t looking for them, or didn’t think they were “for you”, or you were just too focused on other people. I hope that all helps you in starting to shift things for the better.

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