Lammas Skull Scrying

Today’s (slightly belated) Lammas Skull Scrying comes from Least Weasel. Here is what she had to say:

See how high the sun is over the land! See how the heat scorches the plants and dries the ground! Summer is well upon us, and water becomes scarce. The young animals born in the spring are now stronger and faster, and the easy meals are more challenging these days. Flowers turn to fruit, yet fruit takes time to ripen. And we all wait for the rains of fall to soak the land again.

Would that we could bask in spring’s lush greenery year-round! Yet that is not the way of things. All beings must go through this trial, surviving on less water while hoping resources hold us through to when we are flush again. I see the birds watching the berries begin to turn, and I capture the unwary and weak. This is a liminal space, where the harvest is just beginning but not yet in full force, and the heat threatens to keep us from seeing it come to fruition.

So how will you survive the hottest, driest days? Will you hide in the cool comfort of your home and hope that the fires do not reach you? Will you offer water to those in need, that they may survive with you to the the rain’s return? Will you keep your portion of the harvest safe, or will it be stolen by those who have too much already and crave only more, more, more?

I feed to survive; even when I do not eat all of a kill, I provide much-needed food for other beings. I take the weak, and leave the strongest prey running well-fed on what greenery remains. My actions benefit others as well as myself, and we are all in this forest and field together. How do your actions affect others? Are you able to benefit the world, or do you only take? Do you make the best use of resources, so that they do not go to waste?

Think, as the sun shines late into the evening, of where that balance is rolling to. What may the fall bring, and how will you welcome it in?

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