Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 9-1-21

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth is in Summer. You are confident and at your best, and you know that you are capable of a lot. You’re willing to take some chances for the better, but without throwing yourself completely off balance. And while not everything is perfect, you can see some solutions clearly, and you feel like you can handle whatever else life throws at you right now.

Vertebra: The Vertebra is in Spring. You understand that you aren’t full of resources right now, and you’re still recovering from lean times, but the good news is that you made it through, and now you can plan for a better future. Just don’t let your confidence lead you to overreach yourself; you want to conserve what you have, whether that’s money, time, energy, health, or other physical resources. balance is key here.

Rib: The Rib is in Fall. You recognize that any challenges ahead may be emotionally taxing, and so you’ve spent time restoring yourself and making yourself more resilient. You have more to offer than you did before, which is a good sign, but you’ve also learned how to not push yourself too far whenever possible. This feeds into your confidence, and vice versa.

Long Bone: The Long Bone is in Spring, very near the Vertebra, which means this is a great opportunity to prepare for change. Take whatever actions you can in order to secure a better future, while riding the wave of energy and positivity that you have. Chances are good planting the seeds now will pay off in the future.

Overview: Things are looking good for you right now. You’re in a good place, and even though there are challenges you are more prepared for them than you were in the past. Be mindful of your balance, though, so that your confidence doesn’t outstrip your ability and resources. You want this to go well, and that involves careful planning and execution.

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