We’re over $3,000!


The Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo Campaign is over $3,000! As an important reminder, the campaign ends on April 30–and if I don’t meet my goal of $5,000 IndieGoGo will take a MUCH bigger percentage of the money (not including the chunk Paypal takes).

How can you help?

Make a contribution! There are LOTS of neat perks, to include the forthcoming Tarot of Bones deck and book, leather pouches handmade by me, Tarot of Bones t-shirts, and more! Every bit helps!

–Spread the word! The official campaign is located at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tarot-of-bones-2016-campaign/x/9997962#/ – pass it around!

Want a Tarot of Bones T-shirt?


Hey folks! So there’s about three weeks left in the Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign, and we’re over halfway funded. To celebrate, I just added a new perk–t-shirts! That’s right–you can now pre-order a t-shirt with the Tarot of Bones Magician card printed on it! The sample image shown on the main campaign site is just a mock-up to test the printer’s quality; the final version will use the better quality photograph used for the card itself. I’ll ask your size preference after the campaign is done.

The perk is offered as a stand-alone, rather than as a package with a deck and book, so that those who have already claimed a deck and book can add on the shirt if they like. Want to get in on this awesomeness? Head on over here to go to the campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tarot-of-bones-2016-campaign/x/9997962

A Quick Update on the Tarot of Bones’ Progress

Hi again, folks! Just wanted to give you a quick update.

The photographers I’m working with to take pics of the assemblages for the cards will be working with me the weekend of April 23-24. That’s *right* after I move my studio to a new location on the Washington coast, so they’ll be able to use the empty room in our Portland apartment for the photos. Once I have the image files in hand I can start laying out the files for the printer, add the text, etc.

My *hope* is that I can have the files sent off the first week of June. However, I just mentioned that I’m moving a large portion of my stuff to the next state over, so that’s going to take a lot of time and effort. I’ll keep you all apprised of my progress in that regard, same goes for progress on the Tarot of Bones companion book.*

Thank you again, and let me know if you have any questions!

(P.S. The Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign is live through April 30! You can back it at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/t…gn/x/9997962#/ )

A Couple of Quick Updates


Hey, everyone! We’re getting close to the halfway point on the Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign–and we’re ALSO almost halfway funded! Head on over here to reserve your copy of the Tarot of Bones deck and book, along with a bunch of other awesome perks.

Last week I had SIX individual plane flights, so I took the opportunity to work on the Tarot of Bones book edits. My editor helped make it an even better book, , and I’m really excited that I’ll be able to offer you all this valuable resource in working with the Tarot of Bones deck. I’m planning to ramp up my efforts on the project in general in April as I’ll have a LOT less travel than I have the past two months, and I’ll keep y’all posted!



WOW!!!! Check this out! In just a week y’all have contributed over $1700 to the Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign–THANK YOU!

Just as a reminder this campaign runs through the end of April and will help defray printing costs for the Tarot of Bones deck and book set. In addition to preordering the deck and book, which I intend to release later this summer, you can also get neat perks like prints, leather tarot pouches, original assemblages from the Tarot of Bones, and more.

Also, just as a heads-up the prices on the perk packages do NOT include shipping; that will be added on during the checkout process via IndieGoGo. This is a newer feature they’re using, so please don’t be surprised.

And finally, please do share this campaign around–every bit of promotion helps me get a little closer to bringing this huge project to fruition! (P.S. You can check out my production schedule for the project here.)

A REALLY Important Note for IndieGoGo Backers!

iggHey, all! A REALLY, REALLY important thing to keep in mind when you’re contributing to my IndieGoGo campaign for the Tarot of Bones at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tarot-of-bones-2016-campaign/x/9997962#
If you click on the “Contribute Now” button on the main page of the campaign INSTEAD OF clicking on the perk you want further down the page on the right-hand side, you will need to manually select a perk on the next page where it asks you for payment information! This is very important for two reasons:
1. When I get the spreadsheet of who donated what at the end of the campaign, if you did not select a perk no perks will show up on your record.
2. The perk amounts on the campaign page do NOT include shipping; shipping costs are added during the checkout process.
If you made a contribution already (thank you!) and did not select a perk, give me a yell at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com and we can get things sorted out.

The Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign is LIVE!!!!!!

Great news, everyone! The Tarot of Bones Spring 2016 IndieGoGo Campaign is LIVE!!!!!! You’ve got 60 days to back the campaign and get all sorts of cool perks–prints, a Tarot of Bones reading, jewelry made from bones left over from the assemblages, and of course the Tarot of Bones deck and book when they come out later this year.

Why a second campaign? Well, I had a LOT of people miss out on the first one last year, either because they didn’t have the funding to chip in or they didn’t hear about it until it was already over. This is a chance for them to back the project and help bring it to fruition. And although last year’s campaign was incredibly successful, covering the materials for the assemblages and other associated costs, this campaign will help with the substantial costs of printing and shipping the deck and books once the design work is all completed.  It’s not my only source of funding, but every contribution helps!

Here are a few very important things to keep in mind:

–Since last year, IndieGoGo has implemented the ability to add shipping charges to physical perks that will be mailed to contributors. This means that, unlike the 2015 campaign, shipping is NOT included in the contribution amounts on the campaign page–they’ll be added during the checkout process. I apologize in advance to non-U.S. backers for the higher shipping costs: earlier this year the post office raised international postage rates significantly higher than they were before.

–Some of the new perks, like bone jewelry and readings, are offered on their own, as well as in packages with the Tarot of Bones deck and book. This is so that backers of the 2015 campaign can get in on them if they so choose, without having to get a second deck and book. Please read all perk descriptions carefully before making your contribution! You CAN get more than one perk package, but you will need to make one individual contribution per perk package (and yes, that means going through the entire process each time–thank you for your patience!)

–Can’t contribute right now? That’s okay! You can still help by spreading the link around; here’s a convenient shortened link: http://igg.me/at/tarotofbones2016

Many, many thanks for your generosity and help, both last year and now! Let’s make this happen!

The Tarot of Bones 2016 Crowdfunding Campaign Press Release!

Contact: Lupa
The Green Wolf, LLC


Portland Artist and Author Lupa Announces
Spring 2016 Crowdfunding Campaign For The Tarot of Bones

Fundraising Effort To Cover Printing Costs For Completed Deck and Book Set

Portland, OR – Nature-inspired artist and author Lupa is giving supporters a second chance to crowdfund the forthcoming Tarot of Bones deck and book set. Following a successful 2015 IndieGoGo campaign that raised enough money to cover the considerable cost of supplies for creating seventy-eight assemblage pieces—one for each of the traditional tarot cards—she is once again turning to the popular crowdfunding platform as she prepares to release the final product later this year.

This second campaign will help cover costs for printing an initial run of 2,000 copies of The Tarot of Bones deck, along with pre-ordered companion books, as well as the significant costs of shipping out packages stemming from both the 2015 campaign and this one. While the IndieGoGo campaigns are not Lupa’s only source of funding for the project, they are a significant boost that’s a win-win for everyone involved. She says, “I had a lot of people tell me they missed out on the 2015 campaign, so this is a great second opportunity for them to support The Tarot of Bones, and it’s a good infusion of funds just before we get to the biggest financial hurdle: printing.”

In December 2015, a year after she inaugurated the project, Lupa completed the final assemblage piece for The Tarot of Bones; each one focuses on legally obtained animal skulls or other bones, along with other natural materials. These assemblages will then be photographed for the card art. She is also currently revising and polishing the manuscript for the companion book that explains the inspiration and symbolism for each card. Her progress is charted at https://thetarotofbones.com/production-schedule.

Lupa has incorporated natural materials in her art and spirituality for almost twenty years. Her first book on nature-based Paganism was released in 2006, and she has published several more since then. When asked why she chose to take on such a challenging project, she said “The Tarot of Bones is the culmination of my creative career. I’m bringing together almost two decades of art and writing to create a divinatory tool that draws on the deep well of inspiration nature provides me every day.”

The campaign will be launched via IndieGoGo on March 1, 2016 and will run for sixty days to give supporters a greater window of opportunity. Campaign backers will be able to choose from a variety of perks, ranging from The Tarot of Bones deck and book set to original assemblage pieces used for the card art. Previous campaign backers and new supporters alike will be able to choose standalone perks like prints and limited-edition bone jewelry, as well as perk packages including The Tarot of Bones deck and book. Lupa’s goal is to raise $5,000 with this campaign, with stretch goals planned if it exceeds that amount.

More information about The Tarot of Bones is available at https://thetarotofbones.com. The IndieGoGo campaign will be live starting March 1, 2016 at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tarot-of-bones-2016-campaign.


Coming Soon: The Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo Campaign Returns!

Alright folks–here’s the news about the Tarot of Bones I mentioned in yesterday’s update:

A week from tomorrow, on March 1, 2016, I will be starting a second IndieGoGo campaign for the Tarot of Bones! 

Why a second campaign? I had a LOT of people tell me they either missed out on last year’s campaign, or that they didn’t have the money for it at the time. This gives people a second chance to get the deck and book set at a reduced rate (though not as low as in the first campaign).

Also, while the first campaign was wildly successful and raised plenty of money for the assemblage materials and other related costs like hiring a professional editor for the book manuscript, buying perks for campaign backers, and packing materials for when the deck and book are out later this year, what’s still left isn’t enough to cover all the substantial printing costs, or the shipping costs (especially as international rates went WAY up this year and I have a lot of non-US backers). So while this campaign isn’t my only form of income for this project, it will help a great deal in making sure I can cover all the costs an get the deck and book out on time.

If I backed the first campaign can I back the second? Yes, AND you don’t have to necessarily get a second deck and book set, either. I’ll be arranging the perks so that there are standalone goodies as well as packages with the deck and book included.

Can I get more than one perk/package? Yes, but you’ll have to make separate contributions. Also, be aware that since my last campaign, IndiegoGo has added in an option to add shipping costs to packages, so the prices you see will be for the items themselves; shipping will be added during the checkout process.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, I am outsourcing the photography for this project, so that may delay the release a bit; however, my goal is to still have the deck and book out this summer (keeping in mind summer goes well into September). As always, keep your eyes peeled here for updates, check out my production schedule on the website, and you can always direct questions and comments to lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail.com



I am pleased to announce that I have just completed the final assemblage for the Tarot of Bones! The Lovers was a tough card to create; in sawing the resin replica albatross skull I bought for it in half, I miscalculated the cut and one half ended up with a seriously truncated beak, which I then had to painstakingly resculpt, and both needed repainting. However, this actually worked out better, as it allowed me to give each half a distinct personality, inspired by this video of the mating dance of Galapagos albatrosses. I surrounded them with a variety of shiny stones on a verdant green background; Galapagos albatrosses tend to nest on rocky shores with little vegetation, and I thought this pair deserved more luxurious accommodations. It’s an idealized situation for an idealized card, though when reversed it can call up conflict, chaos, and blame-laying all around.

So now that the assemblages are done, what’s next? My production schedule goes into some detail of the steps still remaining. The next thing I need to do is put the finishing touches on the Tarot of Bones book manuscript and get it sent off to an editor. Beyond that, I need to take the final photos of the assemblages for the deck, since the photos currently on the site are just “Hey, look what I made!” shots. I admit I’m somewhat intimidated by the photography end of things, since I am an amateur at best. But I have a lot of people giving me good suggestions and tips to help me through the learning curve.

This means I still have many hours of work ahead of me, taking and editing and laying out the photos into card templates for the printer. As I am not using the remaining money from the first IndieGoGo campaign for living expenses, I look at this time and effort as an investment in the future. There will be a second IndieGoGo campaign starting in February; it will give those who missed out on the first one a chance to chip in, and it will help raise funds for the substantial printing and shipping costs for the final deck and book. In the meantime, if you want to help me offset the time I’m not able to put toward more immediate income, you can check out my books and art for sale.

Despite the huge amount of work still ahead of me, I’m really, really excited about hitting this milestone a day ahead of schedule (especially since I didn’t get started until halfway through January 2015). Producing 79 elaborate pieces of artwork in a year, on top of my usual art production, writing efforts, and other creative projects, was a really massive endeavor, and there were times I was worried I wouldn’t have all the pieces done on time. But here I am, all done, even if I did save the pieces with the more confounding engineering challenges for the very end 😉